(Album) Frisson-Reputation Ep

The most anticipated album from the north is finally here. Reputation Ep is a well crafted album by One of North’s most talented act Frisson, who recently won the next rated Award at the Adamawa entertainment awards. The album consist of 7 tracks with only two features that involves Arewa’s finest Rapper Martino Elcasino & his Thugnificent Music Group label Mate Mr Knack. Reputation Ep is a multi genre album of different music style & masterpiece. The album is his debut project for his fans to have a test of what’s coming next. Make sure you download & share it with others & i assure u, it is worth it.

Download Album below.

Follow Frisson on Social media for more update. Instagram/ @frisson_benz, facebook/ Farti Benson Frisson.


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