Different Types Of Celebrities Found In Nigeria

Different Types Of Celebrities Found In Nigeria

Celebrities are like the distractions we have in the country. They are the diversions we face as a relief from the stress and wahala Nigeria gives us. One minute, we’re trolling them. The next, we’re ass-licking them. Below is a list of the different types of celebrities we have in Nigeria.

1. The Baby Mama factories: These celebrities are like the King Solomons of our time. They have quite a number of baby mamas to their names and somehow, just somehow, these baby mamas get to live in peace and harmony without unnecessary squabbling.

2. The show-it-all celebrities: These ones enjoy putting on a show for their fans and ‘haters’. You could write a whole book about them just from their updates on social media. Going to the bathroom? Upload a bathroom selfie? Going to have breakfast? Tell your fans about it. Going to get a haircut? Don’t forget to give them an update.

3. The low-key celebrities: These ones don’t like much wahala. The paparazzi is their greatest enemy. They just want to live their lives in peace and harmony without unnecessary intrusion from the public. They don’t even want to get involved in any drama. Drama is happening? Wetin consine them?
4. The beefers: This kind of celebrities are always involved in one kind of beef or the other. They beef everyone. From their fellow celebrities, to their fans, to Iya Basira the pepper seller who lives down the street.

5. The side-takers: These are the minions to the beefers. Once any beef is going on, they quickly select whose side they want to be on. Then, they start by throwing subtle shades at the other party. Las las, the two beefers would settle and the side-takers would stand in one corner, feeling awkward.

6. The just-can’t-get-it-right celebrities: These celebrities are always criticized. No matter what they do, children of anger would still come for them. They’re constantly trolled either for their horrible fashion sense or any other reason. They just never seem to get it right.

7. The grass-to-grace celebrities: Ahh. What would we do without these ones? They’re always so quick to tell us about how they used to wear one shoe, one shirt. How they used to drink garri. How all the girls used to reject them but now, the girls can’t get enough of them. They always have a sob story to tell the world. Pass me a handkerchief, please.

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